// I love stories

Watching them, reading them or telling them it doesn’t matter. I’ve built a career around them; creating narratives to inspire people to think, to feel and to do.

We all use stories to help make sense of our world and to share that understanding with others. I love storytelling because it’s about connecting with people.

My own experiences have given me a stage to tell stories through writing, pictures and film. Giving me the ability to relay complex and technical information in a creative and engaging way.

I learnt to tell stories working in the finance sector. Trust me it’s not that interesting, so I’ve had to learn how to communicate in ways which make people stand up and pay attention.

// I’m not afraid to fail

Something I shouldn’t be admitting to? Maybe. But how often did you get it right first time?

We all work in high pressure environments with deadlines coming at us from all directions. This is why we innovate. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been working on corporate rebranding activity or helping to deliver a high level presentation or tender response the boundaries can always be pushed.

I learnt long ago that doing something right the wrong way, isn’t really right at all. The innovation journey allows us to fail so that we can do the right things righter. And I bring this philosophy to my own creative journeys.

Yes I’ve managed digital and social media platforms, delivered UK-wide communication campaigns to thousands of people and worked with print and design agencies. But these successes are due to learnings I gained from the times I failed.

Jordan Howard // creative designer // 07734

What Ilove

What Ilove

What I’m about

What I’mabout

What Ican do

What I’m about

Whatyou needto know

Whatyou needto know

// I’m glad I peaked your interest

So...what do you want to know? At the heart of it, I’m a highly talented individual with strong creative design skills, who’s seeking the next challenge.

// The proof of the pudding

Instead of simply telling you what I can do I thought it easier to show you. Obviously this is just a snap shot. You’ll need to head over to the website to get a proper look at my portfolio. But don’t let that stop you having a scroll through.

// Some things you’ll need

to know about me

I’ve always wanted to be a designer. So, after landing in insurance, I took a leap and joined the world of mature students getting a distinction ABC level 3 diploma in digital graphic design.

With my new found skills, it didn’t take long to find my feet as a graphic designer within a UK Communications team. It was still insurance, but they needed someone who knew the business, and had the ability to remove our reliance on external agencies.

It helped that I’ve got project management experience and, as a fraud investigator, a keen eye for detail. But really, what they wanted was an innovator. Someone who could not only come up with creative ideas, concepts and solutions, but actually see those through to completion. And I was it.

Go on...push my button

Go on...push my button

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